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2011-03-11 · Note that the hyphen is a bit lower-down on the line of text than the minus sign and the dashes, plus it is very short – it looks too low and too small when used in mathematical expressions. More information about dashes: When to use the hyphen, dash, n-dash and m-dash Insert an n-dash or m-dash on a web page or blog 2020-12-03 · En Dash: An en dash is for showing a range of numbers. It is quite handy to indicate “from x to y” by inserting an en dash between the numbers. Hyphen: Hyphen is used to link together two related words together. The hyphen shows how two terms are commonly used together as a pair. Examples When writing, dashes are distinguished by size.

Hyphen vs dash

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"Avsugning" He is, eight-seven-three-decimal-nine four-space-eight-hyphen-aught-n space-six-dash-four-four-twospa. Han är 873  International Tall Hyphen Planter - Set of 4 is enhanced with a dash-. Visit Concrete or cement is a material that you can find in almost every household. This.

A hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark that's used to join words or parts of words. It's not interchangeable with  Hyphens (“-“) connect two words to make a single word. Though they look similar to dashes (“–” and “—”), they serve a different purpose.

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capitalized words, foreign words, abbreviations, or words requiring apostrophes or hyphens. U+00AD är koden för mjukt bindestreck (engelska: soft hyphen) som används i U+2014 (—) är koden för långt tankstreck (engelska: em dash).

Hyphen vs dash

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Hyphen · hyphen: used for compound words.

Hyphen vs dash

The minus and hyphen sign are the same thing. A hyphen is a short, single-character line which connects word parts (i.e. ice-cream). A dash is a longer line—double the length of a hyphen—which indicates a break or an interruption in the thought. Dashes are used to set off part of a sentence. 2011-03-11 · Note that the hyphen is a bit lower-down on the line of text than the minus sign and the dashes, plus it is very short – it looks too low and too small when used in mathematical expressions.
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When you type two hyphens together (--), most word processors automatically combine them into a single  Dash v. Hyphen · hyphen: used for compound words. Example:well-oiled · en- dash: width of the letter n; used as the symbol for ranges. Example:7%–9% · em- dash:  7 Feb 2020 While hyphens generally glue words together, dashes indicate a series or sequence, or they set phrases apart. There are two types of dashes,  How to use hyphens and dashes.

For example, you might see text such as 9am-5pm in one reference and 9am–5pm in another. Learn the uses of—and differences between—dashes and hyphens. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains * and * are unblocked. Hyphens and dashes cause confusion, but the simple rule on how to use them in a sentence is that hyphens join two or more words or parts of words together, while dashes separate phrases from other content.
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The Dash is the longer line used as punctuation in sentences – coming in between words (as in this sentence). A hyphen is also used to separate numbers. The word hyphen comes into the English language in the 1620s from the Greek word huphen, meaning together. An en dash (–) is used when writing about a range of things that are related. For example, when writing about a specific range of years or pages.

Unfortunately, there's no convenient way to type a hyphen or a minus sign using standard keyboard  An em-dash is typically used as a stand-in for a comma or parenthesis to separate out phrases—or even just a word—in a sentence for various reasons ( e.g. a  14 Jun 2018 En dashes are longer than a hyphen, but half the length of the em dash. En dashes connect continuing numbers, such as dates, times and pages. Use a dash [ — ] (or two hyphens [ -- ] on old-fashioned typewriters) or dashes as a super-comma or set of super-commas to set off parenthetical elements,  15 Aug 2011 Indentation or Space After a Paragraph? · Indentation Indent the first line of a new paragraph about 1 em (if your font size is 12px , then that would  The hyphen is basically to join two words together, as in 'half-way'. The two sizes of dash are to divide parts of sentences – like this. The shorter  A dash is expressed as an "em dash" ( — ) in printing, is expressed in plain text as two hyphens ( -- ) and is used in place of a comma, colon or semicolon for  5 May 2014 A dash is the punctuation mark – , which is used to separate parts of a sentence.
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To begin, a hyphen (-) is shorter than a dash (–). Hyphens join words together and dashes indicate range. But that’s just the beginning. If you really want to keep these lines straight, read on. Note that a hyphen never has spaces on either side. There is a lot of debate and confusion regarding which words can be hyphenated, and also some more advanced rules that can by found on the hyphen page.

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Em Dash.